Free Solar Panel Grant - The UK Government Feed In Tariff Scheme

What Are Solar Panels?

The free solar panel grant is a brilliant UK Government incentive to cut your electricity bills, saving you money in the long term; and earn you monthly cash back on the unused energy your solar panels produce.

Solar panels are often located on roofs of buildings, they are used to generate energy from the sun. There are two types of solar panels - Solar Photovoltaic (PV Solar Panels) These generate electricity, the second type of solar panel are Solar Thermal panels which heat water. Solar panels installed through a free solar panel grant don't need sunny days to work, they store the daylight converting it into energy to use as power in the home during the day. The energy that is not used from the solar panel is simply pumped back into the grid and can be used again.

Solar panels are a clean, green form of energy that does not harm the environment - The government would like to encourage the installation of solar panels through the free solar panel - Feed in tariff grant scheme in order to help protect the environment. Free Solar panel grants can work in various ways, it is worth contacting your local authority to see what free solar panel grants are available in your area. You can also click on the links on this page to learn more about free solar panel grants and free solar panel installation grants available. Solar panel is the power of the future, it is a clean energy supply that appeas to be taking off - Make sure your not left behind, find out more about free solar panel grants today.

Solar Heating Panels allow you to become self sufficient, you are able to provide your own electricity to heat the water in your home. If in the future there are problems with energy running out and prices increasing, you can rest assure that you and your family will be ok. You will have energy for your home, generated by the sun's natural sunlight. Even better under the feed in tariff scheme, you will receive cashback from your energy supplier for the energy your solar panels produce - Whether the energy is used or not you will receive a cashback payment. The UK Government want to cut our carbon footsteps, they are rewarding households who show steps towards renewabe energy souces.